What Are Some Tips for Adding Front Porches to Ranch-Style Homes?


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Follow overall design principles when adding a front porch to a ranch style home. Keep the overall design simple, and use ground-hugging lines that blend with natural surroundings. Maintain proportions, and provide easy access from the porch to the rest of the home.

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Ensure that the front porch's roof, paving lines and pillar designs are clean and simple. Deep roof eaves frequently dominate ranch designs, and a narrow open porch under existing eaves is an option. When extending the roof over a new porch, run it through the length of the home's front on existing shallow lines. Opt for stone or concrete paving and simple wood pillars for a more natural look. With a classic L-shaped ranch home, extend the roof for an entry porch at its innermost corner to maintain privacy while making the home more welcoming.

Use sliding doors from the porch to other rooms for easy access throughout the home. Always opt for natural building materials that retain the harmony between the home and its surroundings. If using natural materials is a problem, opt for vinyl products that mimic the appearance of exterior wood for a natural finish. A good rule of thumb is to get ideas on color themes from local shrubberies, trees and rocks so that the finished porch blends with the ranch home in its natural setting.

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