What Are Some Tips for Ac Window Unit Repair?


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A useful tip for window air conditioner repair is to diagnose the problem and know the cause before fixing it. Another important tip is for home owners to read the air conditioner's manual to ensure they have the right tools and skills for the job.

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Some of the problems that window air conditioner units include failing to turn on, not cooling properly and leaking water. If the air conditioner unit does not turn on, the owner should make sure it is receiving enough power. He can try unplugging it and plugging a different device in the same outlet to rule out a problem with the electrical outlet. If the outlet is okay, there could be a problem within the unit and a licensed professional should fix it.

If the air conditioner is not getting cold, the problem could be the thermostat. The homeowner should ensure they set the temperature to below room temperature. If the air from the air conditioner is not cold enough, the homeowner can use a thermometer to measure the temperature difference between air coming into the unit and air going out. If the difference is more than 15 degrees, he should check to see if the air damper is open.

Sometimes the window air conditioner unit needs cleaning to improve its efficiency. The homeowner should unplug the unit, remove the grill and wash the filter. If there is water leaking from the unit, it is possible the unit was not installed properly. The homeowner should read the manual and the installation instructions to fix this problem

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