What Are Some Tips for AC Electric Motor Wiring?


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When wiring an AC electric motor, consult with the user manual provided by the manufacturer whenever possible. If such a manual is not available, look for a wiring schematic printed somewhere on the motor. However, proceed with caution by first removing all sources of electric current before looking for the schematic and wiring the motor according to the diagram.

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Wiring an electric motor without access to the proper documentation is dangerous because an incorrectly wired electric motor is a shock hazard. Without a reliable diagram that shows exactly how the particular motor needs wiring, the job is best left to an expert familiar with electric motors of that variety.

Many electric motors come with schematics and diagrams printed on them. Manufacturers may print these diagrams on either the motor's exterior or underneath an inspection plate cover. Alternatively, they may printed them on the interior of the motor cover. In some cases, online resources provide reliable diagrams for certain types of electric motors, such as single phase single voltage motors.

Upon finding a reliable schematic for wiring the motor, open the motor cover to gain access to its terminals. Strip the ends of the power wires, and crimp on each terminal. Connect the wires to the motor terminals, and use wire caps to connect them together before replacing the motor cover.

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