What Time of the Year Should Blueberry Bushes Be Trimmed?


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The ideal time to trim blueberry bushes is from late winter to early spring when the bushes are dormant and the peak of winter has passed. This time period generally ranges anywhere from January to early March.

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Blueberry bushes need annual trimming to increase their vitality and productivity. Well-pruned bushes yield bountiful crops with good-sized fruits. Without pruning, blueberry bushes grow weak and thin branches that yield small fruit. On the other hand, too much pruning results in large but fewer berries.

Though the type and size of the bush dictate the amount of pruning to some extent, the goal of pruning is to have a narrow base with an open airy top that allows lots of sunlight and air circulation. When pruning, gardeners need to remove lower growths that produce berries that touch the ground, as well as any crisscrossing branches. Since canes that are 7 years or older decline in productivity, gardeners also need to remove some of them. Gardeners must also perform minor trims throughout the growing season, removing weak, low-growing, broken, diseased or insect-plagued shoots.

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