When is the best time to plant garlic and how?


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Plant individual garlic cloves in well-drained soil 1 to 2 inches apart, cover the cloves with a layer of mulch. Fertilize the plants in early spring, remove the mulch in June, and allow the plants to grow until midsummer before harvesting.

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Garlic cloves should be planted at a depth of about 2 inches, and the clove should be placed in the ground with the pointed end turned upward. In cold regions, cover the garlic with a 4 to 6 inch layer of mulch, and in milder regions, cover the garlic cloves with a shallow layer of mulch.

In the spring, fertilize the garlic with blood meal or another fertilizer that is high in nitrogen, and water the plants. If the mulch has decomposed over the winter, add an additional layer to reduce weed growth and provide moisture for the growing plants. To promote larger garlic bulbs, cut the flower stalks off the plant when they appear.

In June, stop watering the garlic plants and remove any mulch remaining in the garden. Garlic is harvested in July and August or when the leaves of the plant turn brown. To harvest the garlic, gently remove the bulbs from the soil, and allow the bulbs to dry out in a cool, dry place.

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