When Is the Best Time to Plant Daisies?

time-plant-daisies Credit: Ron Bambridge/Caiaimage/Getty Images

The best time to plant daisies is in the spring after the last frost, which varies depending on region. For instance, some areas can get frosts throughout the month of May and even into June, while others rarely see a frost after late winter or early spring.

As members of the aster family, daisies are sun-loving plants that require warmth and plenty of light in order to thrive. Planting them too early can result in seedlings being destroyed by frost. Those who want to get a head start should consider planting them in peat pots and placing them in sunny windowsills about six weeks before the anticipated last frost.

When planting daisies in an outdoor flower garden, choose the sunniest spot available. Given the right conditions, daisies reseed themselves and return on a yearly basis. They are great for naturalizing and also make excellent container plants.