How Do You Tile a Wall?

Install tile on a wall by choosing the pattern, laying out the area for tile, and installing and grouting the tile. If applying tile over new drywall, there is no need to tape or finish the wall first.

  1. Choose the pattern

    If using more than one color of tile, lay the tiles on a flat surface to determine the desired pattern.

  2. Install the tile

    Attach a support strip level with the bottom of the first row of tiles. Beginning at the center of the wall, apply the adhesive using a notched trowel to a 2-foot-by-2-foot section of the wall. Press the tiles into place with a slight twist while avoiding sliding them, working in a pyramid shape. If using tiles that do not have built-in spacers, apply plastic spacers between tiles. When approaching edges, cut the tiles to fit the remaining space. Wipe away any adhesive that squeezes through the tiles before it dries. Continue applying adhesive and tiles until the project is complete.

  3. Add the grout

    Mix the grout to the consistency of peanut butter. Apply the grout using a float, making sure it packs all the cracks. Wait 20 minutes, and begin wiping away excess grout with a wet sponge. After the grout cures for a week, apply a sealer.