How Do You Tile Stairs?

How Do You Tile Stairs?

To tile stairs, select a suitable set of traction tiles and place them using cement and making sure they are level. Gather tile-laying material, and employ suitable techniques to ensure all tiles are affixed evenly.

  1. Gather materials

    Depending on your local environmental factors and laws, buy the appropriate tiles from the store. You need cement, a bubble equalizer, a wooden plank and tools to handle the cement easily.

  2. Work up the cement

    Before starting, ensure all steps are level. If not, even them out, or get ready to adjust the cement to make sure that the tiles are level. Apply a thick layer of cement, and smooth the surface.

  3. Place the tiles

    Use threads to make sure the steps do not go above their required dimensions. Fix the threads using nails on the side supports of the stairs. Next, place the tiles after you are satisfied with the layer of mortar. Use the wooden plank to make sure that the tiles themselves are level on the surface. Use the plank to push them in, while using the bubble equalizer to confirm the tiles are level. Wait for the whole staircase to dry, and follow the directions of the tile manufacturer on tile maintenance.