How Do You Tile a Shower Floor?

How Do You Tile a Shower Floor?

To tile a shower floor, it is necessary to demolish old tile, build or have someone install a shower pan, take measurements, prep the space and finally install the tile. Make sure the shower pan and membrane are in place before beginning. Floor tiling should take place last to ensure that the installer has a place to stand when tiling the shower walls.

There are several steps required to successfully tile a shower floor.

Step 1: Set the floor tiles

First, apply thinset on the floor, and slide tiles into place. Typically, shower floors consist of 2 by 2-inch tiles, but measure the space first to determine what size tiles work best. It's possible to dry lay the tiles before applying thinset to make sure they fit. After setting the tiles into place, pat them down using a rubber grout float.

Step 2: Angle tiles around drain

Tiles around the drain will need to be cut so that they do not go over the drain. Mark the tile where it will need to be cut, then use a tile nipper to chip it accordingly.

Step 3: Allow the tile to set

Once the tile has set, the process is complete. Make sure the tiles slope toward the drain. As long as the shower pan is installed properly, this should happen naturally, but it may be easier to see once the tile is in place. Use small mosaic tiles for the floor to make the gradual sloping less obvious to the casual observer.