How Do You Tile a Round Table Top?


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To tile a tabletop, cover it in mastic and press the tiles into it, explains SFGate.com. After laying several tiles, cover them with a clean plywood board and gently hit the plywood with a large rubber mallet. Dry the table overnight and squeeze grout into the spaces between the tiles. For extra flair, dye the grout so it coordinates with the tiles.

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Many tile designs look beautiful on round tables. One of the most popular and versatile styles is the smashed-tile mosaic. Designs in this category contain broken tile fragments in a multitude of colors, textures and finishes. The irregularly-shaped pieces also eliminate the need for curved perimeter tiles. To smash tiles for a mosaic, put them in a sturdy plastic bag and hit the bundle with a hammer.

Some circular tile designs include curved tiles. The easiest way to create a curved border is to use a stencil. Lay the stencil on the face of the tile, trace the curve with a carbide pencil and snap the tile along the curved line. For the best results, trace each curve three times before breaking the tile.

Some tiles are porous and susceptible to stains. To prevent unsightly damage, brush away flakes of dried mastic and grout, then coat the table with clear sealant. Sealing also protects the grout and discourages mold growth.

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