How Do You Tile Over a Laminate Counter?


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To install tiles on a laminate countertop, remove the sink, apply tile-over-laminate adhesive to the counter, and cover the adhesive with a sheet of fiberglass-reinforced paper. Apply thinset mortar to the paper, using the mortar to level the surface as needed. After one hour, install the precut tiles on the surface with a second layer of thinset mortar. Use spacers between the tiles to form even rows. Allow the mortar to dry overnight. Grout the tiles, and seal the grout.

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Use a putty knife to smooth the fiberglass paper. If the countertop has a bullnosed edge, apply extra thinset mortar to the front one-third of the counter to produce a flat surface. When setting the tiles in place, butter the tiles for the edges of the countertop to ensure they adhere to the surface. Apply the grout sealer after one to two weeks.

Alternately, cut a tile adhesive mat to fit the countertop. Install the sheet with the sticky side down. Remove the clear covering from the top of the mat, and begin setting the tiles into place. Use spacers to ensure the tiles are evenly placed, and cut the tiles to fit as needed. After covering the countertop with tiles, apply grout. Seal the grout after it cures.

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