What Are Some Tile Design Ideas for a Shower Stall?

What Are Some Tile Design Ideas for a Shower Stall?

From delicate mosaics to monotone squares, there are many different designs available for shower stalls. Shower stall tile patterns are as varied as paint choices, and are a matter of personal style and preference.

One popular pattern is a mosaic design. Choose colors, such as shades of brown or natural blues and greens, then create a pattern of small, square tiles. For a modern twist, use narrow rectangular tiles on the back of the shower, cover the floor in white tiles and use clear glass for the shower sides and door.

Create a relaxing retreat in the bathroom by mimicking the pattern of the floor in the shower. Use the same colors and shapes of tile in the shower as on the floor for a spa-like feel. Amp up the style by continuing the color pattern and design on the shower's ceiling.

For a clean, simple shower stall, use monotone square or rectangular tiles. Cover the floor and walls in a single color, such as white or light gray for a fresh look, or choose a soothing green for a tranquil feel. Subway tiles are a popular choice for showers in this design.

Play around with tile shapes and materials. Use one kind of tile on the walls and another on the floor for texture and visual appeal. Try porcelain on the walls and glass on the floor for a unique and stunning shower.