How Do You Tile a Bathroom?

How Do You Tile a Bathroom?

To tile a bathroom, spread mortar on the floor evenly, and secure tiles on top of it. Insert tile spacers in between tiles for even lines, and then apply grout to the spaces.

  1. Trace the pattern

    Decide which pattern you would like to use, and then use the tiles to trace the basic pattern at the center of the floor.

  2. Trace for cut outs

    Trace a few tiles that must be cut for toilets, drain covers and cabinets.

  3. Cut the tiles

    Use a wet saw to cut tiles that need to be cut, and then smooth the edges with sandpaper.

  4. Mix the mortar

    Mix the mortar according to the instructions of the manufacturer. It should be a thick, malleable consistency.

  5. Spread the mortar

    Spread the mortar with a notched trowel, and use the trowel at an angle to create a series of lines on the mortar.

  6. Place the first tile

    Place the first tile down on the mortar, and move it slightly to ensure it's snug.

  7. Lay down a second tile

    Apply more mortar, if needed, and lay down a second tile next to the first. Insert a tile spacer between the two tiles.

  8. Install the remaining tiles

    Continue to install tiles until the entire floor is covered, and then allow the mortar to dry overnight.

  9. Apply the grout

    Apply grout in between each tile in place of the spacers, and then wait 24 hours to apply grout sealer.