What Is a Tibet Almond Stick?


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The Tibet Almond Stick is a product designed to remove small scratches from wood floors or furniture. It consists of a rolled-up wad of cotton fiber soaked in liquid.

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The exact ingredients that make up the liquid are unknown, as the manufacturer describes it as a secret family formula. The Tibet Almond Stick can be used on a variety of wood surfaces and is generally considered safe to use because it does not damage most finishes. It does not buff out the scratch but can color in light-colored scratches that stand out from the rest of the wood. It comes ready to use, so customers can simply open the container and rub it directly onto the scratch. It works instantly, and the liquid formula flows through the cotton, so there is no need for trimming or peeling on subsequent uses.

The Tibet Almond Stick does not match all types of wood, according to About.com. This can cause discoloration if applied to the wrong kind of the wood. It may work best on lighter woods and is popular for keeping bamboo flooring looking good. The manufacturer does not recommend it for bleached surfaces. It is also not effective on deep scratches or gouges.

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