How Are Three-Point Hitches Attached to Tractors?


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Three-point hitch implements such as farming, grading and construction tools are attached to large tractors using four locking hitch pins and two hitch rods attached to three separate hitch points arranged in an equilateral triangle. Tractor operators attach implements using the tractor's hydraulic lift arms to secure the hitch elements.

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To attach a three-point hitch implement to a farm tractor, back up the tractor to the implement so that the tractor is aligned exactly with the tool's mounting point. An error in this step may allow only one or two of the hitches to align. To provide for maximum accuracy, perform the operation on level ground.

When aligning the implement and the tractor hitches, lower the tractor's hydraulic lift arms to the implement's lower attachment points, and then push the attachment pins through the small bearing on the lift arms. Attach the drawbar to the top attachment point, and secure it with a hitch pin before attaching the other end of the drawbar to the upper hitch point by using a hitch rod.

After locking in all the hitch pins and securing the drawbar to the implement's attachment points using two hitch rods, use the tractor's hydraulic lift to raise the implement. If necessary, adjust the drawbar before using the implement.

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