What Are Some Things to Do With Reclaimed Doors?

What Are Some Things to Do With Reclaimed Doors?

Some things to do with reclaimed doors include repurposing a door as a tabletop, using a door as a mirror frame or joining several doors to form a room divider. If a reclaimed door is in very good condition, it can be reused as a door in a home.

Doors are solid and relatively flat, making them ideal for use as tabletops for repurposed furniture. A reclaimed door attached to a steel frame makes a sturdy, durable and attractive coffee table. Hanging tables are another attractive option for reclaimed doors. The doors can be suspended over a porch or under a tree for a relaxed outdoor dining area.

Many reclaimed doors have recessed panels that are ideal for framing a mirror. Some doors are recessed in a way that accommodates a full-length mirror. Other reclaimed doors originally housed a window on the top half that a mirror could replace. These mirrors can go in hallways, bedrooms or bathrooms, adding a weathered, antique tone to the decor. The recessed areas can also be used to arrange pictures to hang or a corkboard for notes.


Another use of reclaimed doors requires having more than one door. Fastening three doors of the same height together with hinges produces a heavy duty room divider that adds character to a room.