What Are Some Things to Do With Old Jars and Bottles?


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Some clever ways to repurpose old glass jars are to turn them into picture frames, make terrariums inside of them, or crochet covers to transform them into decorative storage containers. Make use of old bottles to create hanging indoor lights, homemade vases or garden edging.

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Recycled glass jars in various sizes make unique picture frames for displaying photographs printed in all sizes. To make a frame for a particular photo, find a jar that is roughly the same height and width as the picture; trim the photo if necessary to fit it into the jar. Clean the jar, and remove any labels. Slightly roll the photo so it matches the curvature of the jar, and insert it into the jar upside down. Flip the jar upside down to display the picture in its new frame.

To make a glass jar terrarium, fill a clean jar with a layer of pebbles ranging in depth from 1/2 to 2 inches depending on the size of the jar. Cover the pebbles with a thin layer of activated charcoal to prevent bacteria from invading the terrarium, and then add soil on top. Remove several small potted plants from their pots, and insert them into the soil. Finish by adding any accessories, such as sticks, glass beads or small toys, to achieve the desired look, and put the lid on the jar. Keep the plants healthy by adding in a small amount of water as necessary.

Create effortless edging for a walkway or garden bed by burying empty bottles into the soil upside down. Different bottle colors create different looks.

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