What Are Some Things to Look for When Buying Used Industrial Refrigerators?


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Signs of wear on the cabinet and interior, the presence of mold and mildew and the running condition of the evaporator fan are just a few things to look for when purchasing a used industrial refrigerator. Evaluating and inspecting a used cooler is essential for avoiding units that have pre-existing problems. Other things to look for may include the condition of door gaskets, the state of evaporator fins as well as any warranty plans or information.

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When inspecting a used refrigerator, always check to ensure the unit is functioning properly. The process of assessing the operational state of an industrial refrigerator involves opening the door to raise the temperature of the interior. Check to verify the activation of the condenser fan and compressor before closing the door. Allow the refrigerator to run uninterrupted, checking to verify that the compressor cuts out when the interior has reached the set temperature. Open the door to verify the interior compartment has been properly cooled.

Other things to look for when purchasing a used refrigerator can include cracks within the interior cabinet, poorly wired or faulty electrical components as well as corrosion or deterioration of the evaporator fins. Always perform a thorough inspection of a used refrigerator in order to determine its operational state and overall value. When possible, purchase a warranty plan that may cover the cost of future issues and mechanical problems.

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