What Are Things to Consider When Selecting Bar Designs for Homes?


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Some common considerations when selecting a bar design for a home are: plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, lighting, height, width, materials, storage and colors. When putting a bar inside a home, it is important to consider how the bar will interact with the other areas of the home and what amenities are needed in the bar to satisfy your needs.

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Adding a bar means that you will have a new space in your home that requires furnishings and house-wares. Adding a bar may require purchasing a mini-fridge or even more substantial costs such as adding plumbing to build a wet bar. If the goal is to have a fully functional wet bar in your home, consider your ability to run plumbing to the sink. Also, while electrical can be added using an extension cord and surge protector, it looks nicer to put an electric outlet beneath the bar for a refrigerator and an additional outlet above the bar for items such as blenders and other power needs.

It is important to consider the materials and colors you use to build your bar as well. As it will be a fixture in your home, using neutral or timeless materials and colors is often the right choice. Choosing a solid wood for the top and easily replaceable side panels will allow you to easily change the bar's appearance over time to suit your needs. A solid wood top is classic and will not go out of style. When considering size and storage, decide whether you want to add bar stools or more storage.

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