What Are Some Things to Consider When Comparing Window Manufacturers?

When comparing window manufacturers, consider the manufacturers' price-to-value relationships, warranties, availability of replacement parts and reputation. In comparing the price-value relationships, look at the manufacturers’ prices versus brand, design and quality of materials. Since manufacturers produce many window products with various features, focus on each entity's flagship products when evaluating price-value relationships.

The price-value relationship is an important indicator of how manufacturers compare. There are many measures of a manufacturer’s value offering, but the three major determinants are the brand, design and quality products. A strong brand is an indicator of high value. Similarly, good design and quality materials indicate that a product is of high value. Comparing the price of windows to these three elements provides insights into the value to expect from the manufacturer given a certain price.

Warranty is a critical factor to consider when buying windows made of fragile materials such as glass. There is usually no easy or total fix to a broken glass seal other than part replacement. Compare warranties by the different manufacturers to establish whether they cover common risks associated with windows.

Avoid buying windows for which you cannot find common replacement parts. Some window parts are standardized, and their parts are easy to find and replace, but others are unique to the manufacturer. In cases of unique parts, find out whether the manufacturer supplies the parts to the market.

Reputation is also an important factor to consider when gauging window manufacturers. Reputable manufacturers have few customer complaints, mainly positive reviews, and a good BBB rating. Additionally, look at how manufacturers handle customer complaints by evaluating past reviews.