What Are Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Space Heater?


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The considerations to make when choosing an electrical space heater include safety, energy conservation and the heater’s noise level. Buyers should also factor in the heater’s capacity.

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To ensure the safety of the space heater, users should opt for newer model heaters with current safety features. An electric heater should have an Underwriter’s Laboratory label, which assures the buyer that the heater has been tested and approved for use in a home setting. The heating unit should have a tip-over safety switch, which turns the heater off in case it tips over, to eliminate the risk of fire.

Buyers should factor in their heating requirements in the choice of a heater. The heater’s wattage rating is an indication of the space the heater warms and the higher the rating, the larger the size of the room it covers in square footage. Most space heaters are available with a sizing table to help users determine the appropriate heater for different rooms. Buyers should opt for non-fan-forced electrical heaters for their offices or bedrooms because they operate silently.

To eliminate energy wastage, an individual should consider buying a thermostatically controlled heater. By purchasing a heater with an overheat protection feature, a user reduces the risk of damage to the unit or overheating a room. Users should compare the energy efficiency of various heaters before choosing a particular heater. Heaters with programmable timers or energy saving modes are ideal for keeping electric bills low.

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