What Are Some Things to Consider When Buying Used Furniture?


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Buyers should consider making simple fixes to used items that require minimal love. Putting effort into sanding a scratched surface on furniture or replacing a seat cushion restores the sheen on used furniture. By considering the pricing of furniture, looking beyond the conventional sources of used furniture, and examining individual pieces, buyers can snag bargains.

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Bargain hunters should spread their nets beyond the standard hunting grounds to hotels or furniture stores. Some stores sell gently used furniture at reasonable prices, while some hotels give away some of their furniture when they upgrade or remodel. In case the furniture is smelly, especially while attempting to buy upholstered items, do not purchase the furniture. Some smells such as pet urine are difficult to eliminate and may spread to the rooms where buyers place them.

Buyers should avoid furniture that costs more than it is worth. Consider aspects such as the need for major repairs to restore an item, the cost of transporting the item home, and the risk of misrepresentations by a seller, which could drive up the price of used furniture. Buyers should research buying guides if they are considering purchasing antiques to eliminate the risk of paying premium prices for used furniture.

Additionally, a prospective buyer should examine individual pieces for signs of wear and tear to determine the items’ build quality.

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