What Things Can You Do With Duct Tape?


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Duct tape is used to temporarily patch leaks or holes in water hoses and vinyl siding. The tape is also used to protect windows during hurricane season, patch holes in tents and other fabrics and remove warts. Use duct tape to personalize notebooks and make a number of crafts, including wallets, bracelets, checkbook covers and clutch purses.

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Using duct tape to treat warts is a popular home remedy. To try this wart-removal treatment, cover the wart with a small piece of tape, and leave it on for six days. Replace the duct tape if it comes off before the specified time. Remove the tape, and soak the wart in water. Use an emery board, a pumice stone or a nail file to remove the dead skin on top of the wart. Leave the wart uncovered for a day, then place a new piece of duct tape over the wart for another six days.

To personalize a notebook with duct tape, cover the front and back of a composite book with colored duct tape. Make sure to cover the insides of the covers as well. Decorate the notebook further by decorating it with stickers or drawing directly on the duct tape.

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