What Things Can You Cook in a Black & Decker Toaster Oven?

things-can-cook-black-decker-toaster-oven Credit: Roderick Chen/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A Black & Decker toaster oven can function not only as a toaster, but a miniature oven, meaning it's possible to cook cakes, potatoes, chicken and pizza. The Black & Decker toaster oven can cook a single cake, or even cookies, in a similar way to a conventional oven. The toaster oven can also broil chicken, as well as roast and brown it, which is especially helpful for individuals who are short on space.

Toaster ovens can also brown pizza crust and produce a crispy pizza. There are a variety of unexpected meals that can be made in a toaster oven, as well. As miniature ovens, toaster ovens can do many things that a regular oven can do, in a more energy efficient capacity.

Eggs can actually be baked in a toaster oven if the shell is kept on. It's also possible to make breakfast foods like granola, and dinner items like pork and fish.

Many of the limitations of a toaster oven are related to its size. For example, it's not possible to cook a large pizza or pie in the oven. Some standard cooking tools will fit in a toaster oven and can be helpful in preparing meals. These tools include cookie sheets, muffin tins, ramekins and even a bread pan.