What Is the Best Thing to Use for Outdoor Flea Control?

thing-use-outdoor-flea-control Credit: Huntstock/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

For outdoor flea control, homeowners can use a variety of insecticides, nematodes or cedar wood chips. Homeowners can also flood their outdoor space to control fleas. If trying to avoid getting fleas in the first place, homeowners can take several preventative measures.

To rid an outdoor space of a flea infestation, insecticides are very effective. They can be applied via a tank pump or a hose sprayer. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully and remove all toys and lawn furniture before spraying an area. Additionally, children and pets must be kept away from the treated area until it dries, as insecticides are toxic. Wearing protective clothing, including gloves and a dust mask, and keeping the arms and legs covered can limit the user's exposure to the insecticide.

Nematodes are a natural, nontoxic alternative to insecticides. These microscopic worms are harmless to humans and pets and do not damage or infest flora. Nematodes feed on the larval flea stage and also consume other insect larvae, such as ants and termites. Apply the nematodes to shady areas where fleas are most commonly found.

Cedar wood chips act as a natural flea repellent, as fleas have an aversion to the natural cedar wood scent. Apply as a mulch around plants or place them along pathways and fence lines. Place cedar wood chips against the home and under the doorway, as well as anywhere your pets frequent when outdoors.