How Do You Get a Thermopane Window Repaired?

Repairing Thermopane windows consists of taking apart the frame and replacing the Thermopane glass unit with a new Thermopane unit. Most glass shops or window stores can help you order the correct size Thermopane unit that needs to be replaced.

The first step in repairing a Thermopane window is to carefully remove the glass from the window frame. Once the glass is removed, exact measurements can be taken for the new unit. These measurements are critical; the width, height and thickness of the unit must be exact to avoid any air leaks and to ensure a proper fit.

Experts recommend marking the rails of the window assembly as it is disassembled so they can be reassembled in the same order in which they were taken apart. This makes reassembly much easier and guarantees certain rails are not put on backwards.

Thermopane units are factory sealed to prevent moisture and condensation in the unit, making it nearly impossible to reuse the unit. Replacing the glass unit with a new, ordered-to-size unit is the best way to ensure windows will not accumulate moisture and fog over.

Glass companies and window experts can help disassemble the Thermopane unit from the window frame to get exact measurements if it cannot be done at home.