What Is a Thermocast Kitchen Sink?


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According to Justicia.com, Thermocast is a registered trademark belonging to International Thermocast Corporation for use in household fixtures including kitchen and bathroom sinks. International Thermocast says its sinks are composed of a technologically-advanced cast acrylic.

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Cast-acrylic sinks have both advantages and disadvantages compared to other common sink materials. Cast-acrylic sinks are made in almost any color desired. Because cast acrylic is a polymerized plastic, dishes and glasses accidentally dropped into a cast acrylic sink are much less likely to break than if dropped into a granite or cast iron sink. Because the color extends throughout the material, small marks and scratches can be buffed out of the surface. Cast acrylic, however, like all plastics, melts if it is exposed to high heat and, if exposed to a direct flame, eventually burns.

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