What Are Some Therapedic Mattresses Recommended by Experts?

Although Therapedic features a wider spectrum of mattresses, it seems that most experts agree on the benefits provided by the Agility, EcoGel, MemoryTouch and Therawarp models. All of the company?s mattresses are built to high standards, but it?s natural that some products would be preferred over the others.

Therapedic is already a well-established brand in the field of therapeutic mattresses, and it brings innovation to the market with new products on a regular basis. At the moment, the company provides 10 different mattress designs, each of them being thoroughly reviewed on many websites by professionals and amateurs alike. As for some, testimonials on a company?s website may not be convincing; there are plenty of other websites where such reviews go in-depth and analyze the perks and flaws of the mattresses.

The Therapedic mattresses in the lines of MemoryTouch and PureTouch are highly praised by light sleepers who share beds with their husbands, wives or significant others. Such mattresses not only get accustomed to one?s sleeping profile, but they also prevent unwanted movements if the other person gets up or moves around. A BackSense mattress provides relief for back pains and support in key areas, such as the hips and the shoulders.