How Do You Thaw an Ice Maker Water Line?


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A frozen ice maker water line is thawed by first exposing the water line and then heating it gently with an electric hair dryer. The line is heated until water drips from it and the blocked ice comes out. Refreezing is avoided by slightly increasing the thermostat temperature.

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The water line of the ice maker is exposed by switching off and unplugging the refrigerator. The screws holding the ice maker bracket are then loosened and the ice maker is released and removed. The ice maker water line can now be seen protruding from the back wall of the unit.

A dry towel or bucket is placed under the exposed water line to catch the dripping water before an electric hair dryer is switched on to a moderate setting and held near the fill tube until water starts dripping from it and the ice blocking the tube falls out. The ice maker is replaced in the refrigerator, into its bracket, and the screws are tightened before the refrigerator is plugged in and switched on.

To avoid refreezing the water line, the thermostat of the refrigerator is set at a slightly higher temperature maintaining it around 35 degrees Fahrenheit rather than the 32 degrees Fahrenheit that leads to freezing water.

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