How Do You Thaw Frozen Water Pipes in a Mobile Home?

To thaw a frozen water pipe in a mobile home, ensure the pipe's faucet is open to let the melted water escape and either wrap or warm the pipe with heat tape or an electric heater. Make sure someone is home when the pipes thaw in case the pipe was damaged from the freeze.

Before attempting one of these methods, ensure the faucets are opened. The steam created from these methods can burst the pipes if the water does not have an outlet. To thaw frozen pipes:

  1. Apply electric heat tape
  2. Use an electric heat tape that is certified for use with mobile homes and wrap a single layer over the pipes. The tape will slowly thaw the pipe, reducing the wear on the pipe itself. When applying the tape, do not double up the tape onto itself, as this can cause a fire.
  3. Wrap with towels
  4. Another method is to wrap the pipe with towels or cloth and pour hot water on it, repeating until the pipe is thawed.
  5. Use a heat lamp
  6. Place a heat lamp at least a foot away from the pipe, and apply aluminum foil to surrounding areas to prevent scorching. Ensure the lamp is on dry ground, and plug into a ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, outlet if possible.
  7. Heat with a hair dryer
  8. Use a hair dryer to slowly thaw the length of the frozen pipe. Use a GFCI outlet for safety.