What Are Textured Ceiling Designs?


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Textured ceiling designs are patterns or textures created in a ceiling using joint compound to hide imperfections and blemishes, according to Mike Bell's Drywall School. Made using a variety of tools and patterns, textured ceiling designs range from simple swirls or sand textures to the more intricate textured combs or stenciled patterns.

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Textured ceiling designs are an inexpensive way to give a ceiling a new look and add depth to a room, according to The Family Handyman. Perfect for hiding problem spots in a ceiling, a textured ceiling typically costs between $20 and $100 to complete, depending on the type of texture selected and size of the room.

Supplies needed to complete a textured ceiling include one to two 60-pound buckets of joint compound, flat trowels or other tools to obtain a specific texture and an acoustical sprayer and gun, according to The Family Handyman. An acoustical sprayer and gun can be rented at most hardware stores for a daily rental fee.

The joint compound is sprayed onto the ceiling using the acoustical sprayer and gun, followed by the manual use of a tool to obtain the desired texture. Once the joint compound is completely dry, the ceiling is painted to complete the look.

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