How Do You Texture Drywall?

How Do You Texture Drywall?

To texture drywall, remove nearby furniture, mask the ceiling and floor, apply drywall mud, and prime the wall. This 8-hour procedure requires plastic sheeting, masking tape, drop cloths, water, drywall mud, a bucket, a drill with a paddle attachment, a paint tray, a paint roller, primer and a 2-inch paintbrush.

  1. Prepare the work area

    Remove all portable furniture from the work area, and cover everything else with plastic sheeting. Lay drop cloths on the floor, and apply masking tape to the wall perimeter. If the wall has windows, apply masking tape around the frames.

  2. Mix the drywall mud

    Mix the drywall mud according to the package directions, and stir the mixture with a drill fitted with a paddle attachment. The mixed mud should be the texture of thick brownie batter.

  3. Apply the mud

    Pour the mud into a paint tray, and apply it to the drywall with a paint roller. Let the mud dry according to the directions on the box. While the mud is drying, clean out the paint tray, roller and bucket.

  4. Prime the perimeter

    Load the paint tray with stain-blocking primer, and apply it to the wall perimeter with a 2-inch paintbrush.

  5. Prime the rest of the wall

    Saturate the paint roller with primer, and apply it to the rest of the wall. When it dries, the wall is ready for painting.