How Do You Texture a Ceiling?


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Add texture to a ceiling by applying compound to it and creating patterns with knives, sponges or paintbrushes. Add granules to paint to texture a ceiling with a paint roller.

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To texture the ceiling with compound, begin by repairing any cracks in the ceiling’s plaster, then prime the ceiling. Choose a ready-mixed compound, a powered texture compound or a ready-to-use joint compound for the texturing. Mix the compound with a mud-masher or the mixer attachment on a drill. Allow the mixture to sit overnight, ensuring that the compound has a smooth consistency prior to using. Try out different patterns on a piece of cardboard before applying the compound to the ceiling. Apply the compound to the ceiling and create the desired patterns in the compound.

Add granules to paint and apply it with a paint roller to create a textured ceiling. Start by removing dust from the ceiling, then sand it with sanding sponge. Prime the ceiling with primer and allow to dry. Stir the paint thoroughly, then pour half of it into a paint tray. Apply a single coat of paint to the ceiling. Add texture granules to the paint and mix the paint evenly. Pour the textured paint into the paint roller pan and apply the paint to the ceiling with the roller.

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