How Do You Test a Refrigerator Condenser Fan?


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To test a refrigerator condenser fan, check the fan blade for smooth movement, and remove the fan motor if needed. Use a multitester to test the motor's continuity, and examain the component's wiring.

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Unplug the refrigerator to avoid the risk of electric shock, and if necessary, remove the access panel to get to the condenser fan. Clean off the fan, and replace it if it is damaged. If the fan does not move freely when spun, the fan motor needs to be replaced.

Access the motor for testing if the fan is intact and moving efficiently. However, removing the motor may be necessary if it is not easily accessible. To do this, remove the screws or mounting brackets holding the device, and label the placement of the wires before carefully removing them. Remove the wires by pulling on the connectors rather than the wires themselves. If the connectors appear corroded, they must also be replaced.

To test the fan motor, adjust the multitester to an ohms setting of X10, and place a probe onto each of the motor's terminals. If three terminals are present, there is no need to test the center terminal, which is only used for grounding. If the display's reading does not show a value midway between zero and infinity, the motor needs to be replaced.

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