How do you test the bottom heating element on a GE oven?


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Test the bottom heating element on a GE oven using an Ohm meter. If the Ohm meter shows a current, turn the oven on to see if the heating element turns red. Replace the bottom heating element if dark spots, which represent unheated portions, are present.

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Inspect the bottom heating element for cracks and breaks by removing the cooled heating element and checking for thin lines, bubbles, chips and other defects. A damaged bottom heating element can cause delays in oven heating, which can affect cook times and food quality.

An additional cause for low or uneven oven heating temperatures is faulty electrical wiring. Troubleshoot electrical wiring by unplugging the oven. Remove the back panel to inspect wires for potential damage, such as corrosion or burnt wires. Loose wiring may also cause bottom heating elements to malfunction. Contact a professional electrician to replace electrical wiring or to perform further tests of heating element circuits.

In addition to testing bottom heating elements, inspect the top heating element for damage as well. Turn the oven on to test the top heating element. Similar to the bottom heating element, the top element should turn red. Replace this element if dark spots, cracks or other damage is present.

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