What Is the Tesla Electric Generator?


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The Tesla electric generator is a simple magnetic power-generating system that can produce free electricity. To produce electric power, Tesla generators use perpetual motion generated by two differently-sized magnetic plates that are connected to a small gear. Any individual can build a Tesla generator, and the devices can generate up to 4.5 megawatts of power.

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Tesla generators cost less than $100 to build as of 2015, and they can generate power without interruption 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The size of a Tesla generator determines the specific amount of energy that the system generates. Installation costs can exceed the cost to build a Tesla device, but future savings often offset costs. Tesla generators produce no emissions, fumes or pollutants of any kind. A small Tesla generator consists only of a sheet of cardboard, a magnet, a long nail, tape and some copper wire, and it can light a light bulb, demonstrating that combining movement with magnetism produces electricity.

Tesla magnetic generators avoid the inconsistent power flow and limited storage capability associated with solar and wind power, and the potential pollutants and steam depletion that can occur with geothermal systems. Small Tesla systems make suitable back-up generators for homes, and larger systems can power an entire house with some electricity to spare. Plans and blueprints for do-it-yourself Tesla generators are available through numerous sources, including Tesla Home Energy, TeslaGenerator.com and Sky4Energy.com. TeslaGenerator.com also sells manufactured Tesla coils.

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