What Are Some Tervis Tumbler Promo Codes?

What Are Some Tervis Tumbler Promo Codes?

Coupons.com, RetailMeNot and Goodshop list a total of eight unique promo codes, as of August 2015. These promo codes are "DRINK", "ship4free", "BULK", "DISC20", "TGKQ1199TXW", "ECSUMMER", "MEMORIES" and "MOM".

To receive a percentage discount, use "DISC20" for 20 percent off any order, "TGKQ1199TXW" for 10 percent off next purchase, "MEMORIES" for 20 percent off any customized purchase, "BULK" for a savings of up to 25 percent on bulk orders, and "MOM" for 20 percent off select custom design and free shipping on orders $75 or more.

For discounts on shipping, use "DRINK" for free ground shipping; "ship4free" for free shipping and handling on all orders.

If buying three Tervis tumblers, use promo code "ECSUMMER" to receive one free.

Be sure to check for expiration dates before using codes, as some codes expire sooner than others.

After making purchase selections on the Tervis website, enter the promo code in the field labelled Coupon Code at checkout.

In addition to coupon code websites, Tervis offers discounts directly on its website. Save 10 percent on the first purchase by signing up for the Tervis newsletter. Click on the Save 10% Today link in the upper navigation bar. This opens an email signup form. A confirmed email address and first name are required for completion. All other fields are optional.

Restrictions on promo code use may apply. Discounts are subject to change.