Is Termite Fumigation Safe?


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Termite fumigation is safe, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides comprehensive training in use, application and measurement of chemicals used during the process. The most widely used fumigant, sulfuryl fluoride, is only used in the required amount. Regulations are in place to ensure fumigants are not toxic.

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The EPA requires all fumigators to be certified. Certification ensure that fumigators are well aware of the safety measures, fumigant use, effectiveness and the application of equipment techniques for eliminating various insects within the house.

Additionally, the EPA makes it mandatory for fumigators to use a fumiscope, leak detectors and a clearance device to ensure that it is safe for humans and pets to occupy the house once the process is completed. Although termite fumigation ensures all bugs are eliminated, it does not guarantee against future insect infestations. Termite fumigation also gets rid of bed bugs and cockroaches.

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