What Are Ten Ways to Use a Pencil Other Than Writing?


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Pencils are versatile objects that can be used to check doors for repairs, repel insects and clean, among other things. Both the rubber of the eraser and the graphite of the pencil are valuable in alternative uses.

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Pencil shavings are a natural deterrent to moths. Pencils are also useful for removing mud from the bottoms of athletic shoes or boots. Rubbing a pencil eraser along the teeth of a stuck zipper can help loosen it up. Pencil erasers can also be attached to the back of picture frame to prevent it from hanging lopsided. Other great uses for pencil erasers include using them to smooth the teeth of a new key so that it fits more easily into the lock, removing scuffs from floors and removing the adhesive residue from labels and stickers.

If a door tends to stick, scribbling the end with a pencil and then opening and closing it a few times reveals smudges where the door is sticking. A pencil can also be used to roll toothpaste and other types of tubes tightly in order to insure all of the product inside can be used. Lastly, in an emergency, a pencil can be used as a makeshift splint for injured digits.

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