What Is Taught at Home Remodeling Classes?


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Skills and abilities taught at home remodeling classes include inspection and evaluation of current home designs, basic carpentry, wiring and plumbing, power tool use, and preparing plans and estimates. These classes provide the basics of how to work with existing homes or design new spaces to fit the needs and wishes of homeowners.

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Classes that teach inspection and evaluation instruct students in how to determine the materials and designs used in the original construction of a home. This information is essential for remodeling as it allows students to learn to work with the elements already in place to begin the transformation of the space. Basic carpentry knowledge taught in these classes includes framing for roofs, walls, stairs and floors. Other carpentry skills imparted through this training include the use of standard carpentry tools and how to choose the correct wood for each job.

Wiring and plumbing education often includes how to track lines and make extensions as needed for additional outlets or hardwiring. Power tools classes give an introduction to many common tools and when and how to employ them properly during the remodeling process. Many classes also provide students with knowledge of how to create plans for customers and price estimates based on the planned designs.

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