What Are Some Tasteful Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel?


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For bathroom remodeling, people can decorate spaces according to theme, such as Victorian, southwestern, environmentally friendly, modern, traditional and contemporary. When planning to remodel a bathroom, the options are nearly infinite according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. People can narrow their choices based on the theme of their homes, budget and location.

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For Victorian-style bathrooms, makeovers should include Gothic fixtures and details, such as kerosene or electric lamps, mirrors and windows with sconces and cabinets that are made of dark, heavy wood. For older, traditional homes, bathroom renovations should include adding a heavy, dark wooden door and cabinets to the space, along with wood trim along the windows. The addition of an old-fashioned tub, opaque paints and wicker decorative items, like baskets, completes the look.

Remodeling bathrooms in a modern or contemporary style focuses on clean, crisp lines and minimalist details, notes the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Adding a low-flow toilet and water-saving shower head creates a refreshed and environmentally conscious look. Placing a double vanity on the wall, underneath identical sets of vanity lights, creates a light and airy atmosphere. Covering the floor and shower with tiles of assorted neutral, natural color tones creates a relaxing and earthen look. Painting surfaces in bold and bright colors completes the look, as does installing items made of frosted glass, granite, stainless steel and marble.

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