How Does a Tassimo Descaler Work?


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A Tassimo descaler system uses a solution of descaling tablets to remove limescale, residue and calcium deposits from the Tassimo coffee machine. A descaling tablet contains sodium bicarbonate, acid maleate, acid citrate and sulfamic acid. An illuminated red descaling light on the machine indicates the need for descaling.

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Tassimo coffee machines feature built-in automatic descaler programs that run the descaling process. Regular descaling promotes proper functioning of the machine, greater lifespan and high-quality beverages. To descale the coffee machine, remove the water tank, and fill it with plain water. Add two descaling tablets, and put the tank back into the machine. Take out the yellow service T-disc from the back, and place it inside the brew head.

Keep an empty container under the drink outlet. Press and hold the start/stop button for five seconds to start the descaling program. The program dispenses the hot water into the container. After the orange standby light comes on, empty the container, and rinse and clean the water tank. Fill the water tank completely with fresh water, and place it back into the machine.

Open and close the brew head without removing the service disc. Start the machine to rinse the brewing solution into a container, and repeat this process four times. Finally, remove the service disc, and put it inside its chamber.

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