How Do You Tape and Mud Drywall?


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To finish dry wall, cover the joints and screw heads with mud, tape the joints, sand once dried, and apply a second and third layer of mud. Before applying the tape and mud, make sure all the screws are recessed, and remove any bits of loose or torn paper.

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  1. Apply a base layer of mud

    Load up a 5-inch knife with 2 inches of joint compound. Start at one corner of the room, and push the mud into the joints. Apply mud at all of the corners. Once the joints are filled, drag the knife over the joints at a 25 degree angle to smooth the compound. To fill the screw heads, apply the mud with a swipe of the knife.

  2. Tape the joints

    Take 3 feet of tape in your hands, and center it on a joint. Lightly press the tape into the compound. Unroll and press the tape as you continue along the joint. Starting from the center of a joint, drag the 5-inch knife across the tape at a 25 degree angle. Remove any compound from the knife, return to the center of the joint, and smooth the tape in the opposite direction.

  3. Sand the walls

    Once the compound is dry, lightly sand the walls. Apply a second and third coat of mud with a 10-inch knife. Let dry, and sand after each coat.

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