How Does a Tandoor Gas Oven Work?


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A gas Tandoor oven is a portable cooker that is placed on a gas stovetop rather than heated by fire. These cookers allow Westerners to cook authentic Tandoori dishes, including chicken tikkas, naan bread, seekh kebab and Tandoori vegetables, without modifying their kitchens.

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The convenient aspects of these cookers include the fact that they emit no smoke, require neither electricity nor charcoal and do not need to be preheated for extended periods of time. They also require little maintenance, unlike original clay Tandoor ovens, which must be seasoned every other month on average.

Stovetop Tandoor cookers circulate heat in a way that is similar to that of a traditional clay, fire-heated oven. It is superior to a convection oven when it comes to cooking Tandoori dishes, because it allows food to cook uniformly and to absorb spices. It is also suitable for making a variety of breads, roasts, muffins, and Arabian and Italian dishes.

Those who own gas Tandoor ovens say they are easy to clean but caution against using rough surfaces to do so, noting that the interior is covered in nonstick coating. The cookers are small enough to be stored in a cupboard or pantry when not in use.

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