What Is a Tamale Rolling Machine?


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A tamale rolling machine is used to make the traditional food called tamale. Tamale can be made manually by hand as well, but a tamale rolling machine makes the process easier and quicker.

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Tamale is a food thought to have originated in the area known as Mesoamerica. It is made with masa, which is a type of dough that is usually made with corn. The masa is filled with a range of different fillings including meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese. They have been eaten in the United States since 1893, and there is an annual festival held in Indio, California. It is local to a number of other countries including Mexico, Central and Southern American countries, Caribbean countries and the Philippines. The ancient Aztecs are also thought to have eaten a food that resembles what is today known as a tamale.

A tamale rolling machine holds both of the main elements of a tamale - the filling and the masa. The machine then automatically rolls the masa while putting the filling inside. Some can make as many as 200 tamales per hour, so they greatly speed up the process. Most are small machines that sit on top of a worktop counter and occupy a small footprint.

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