What Is a Tall Tub Dishwasher?


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A tall tub dishwasher typically has the same exterior dimensions as a standard dishwasher, but it has the interior capacity to hold, on average, 16 table settings rather than the standard dishwasher's capacity. Standard dishwashers generally hold 12 table settings.

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A tall tub dishwasher is ideal for a larger family that requires extra dishwasher space. The construction of a tall tub dishwasher differs from a standard dishwasher in that a tall tub dishwasher has a flatter dual-motor construction instead of the single-motor construction found in a standard dishwasher. The dual-motor construction allows for more space in the dishwasher. In most tall tub dishwashers, a wash arm is attached to the upper rack rather than the lower rack, which leaves the entire bottom rack open for dishes.

A tall tub dishwasher also has no kick plate, creating more space. The lack of a kick plate often results in a quieter cycle. However, no kick plate can result in more difficult repairs, as the kick plate in a standard dishwasher provides an ease of access to the working parts.

A tall tub dishwasher has the ability to wash oversized serving dishes, plates, and utensils that a standard dishwasher may not have the capacity to hold. Most manufacturers offer options for a tall tub dishwasher, such as a stainless-steel interior and an adjustable upper rack.

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