What Are Some Tall, Ornamental Grasses?


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According to About.com's section on landscaping, maiden grass is an ornamental grass that reaches 6 to 8 feet in height. It has long, slender flowers that are copper in color, which turn a silver-white. Its flowers contrast against a mass of elongated green leaves that resemble swords. The leaves have a silver stripe in the middle. Green leaves fade to a yellow or beige color during the fall season.

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Before planting maiden grass, check to see if it is legal to plant within the state of residence. Maiden grass is designated as an invasive species in some states by the U.S. Forest Service, notes About.com. This is a plant that needs a lot of room to flourish. During the winter months the dead grass provides underground protection for the surviving parts of the plant.

Zebra grass is ornamental, and it grows to an average height of 5 feet but can reach 7 feet. It is distinguished by its long green leaves, which are dotted with cream-colored stripes. The leaves take on an arch shape when fully grown. This grass produces small white flowers that bloom in the summer. In the fall, the leaves change to a beige color. Zebra grass has a high tolerance for drought, and it does well in a variety of climates. It performs best under sunny conditions.

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