What Does a Tabletop Milling Machine Do?


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A tabletop milling machine performs precision milling or machining tasks in less space and at lower cost because the machines are small, and users can mount them on tables. The tabletop milling machine is popular with hobbyists, academic or research institutions, artists and small businesses that do not need high throughput.

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Like their larger and more expensive counterparts, modern tabletop milling machines are also computer-controlled and can mill materials to precise shapes and dimensions according to CAD-drawn specifications. Tabletop milling machines can produce prototype parts, in-house components and custom design fittings without having to send workpieces to a machine shop, saving their owners time and money. They can also cut many materials in high resolution to make jewelry, printed circuit boards or fine art. One drawback of tabletop milling machines is they may not be powerful enough to cut materials harder than stainless steel.

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