How Is a Table-Top Electric Oven Different From a Toaster Oven?


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Most table-top ovens are not significantly different from toaster ovens, although a few models have additional features and are generally slightly larger in size. The primary difference between table-top ovens (also known as counter-top ovens) and toaster ovens is in the way they are marketed, with table-top ovens being the better choice for those who plan to cook or bake from scratch, rather than simply reheating frozen or leftover foods.

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Some table-top ovens broil and dehydrate food, however, the majority are made mainly to bake and reheat items. All are electric, just as toaster ovens are, and are similarly fitted with short legs allowing them to be safely placed on a variety of surfaces, such as granite or wood.

Reviews of table-top ovens lean toward the negative, in terms of being able to create extensive meals or large quantities of baked goods. As noted by the New York Times, even those models with additional features may do well at reheating food, but often fail to bake or broil food evenly, and are often too small to accommodate most standard baking or broiling pans. Though they are superior to microwaves and toaster ovens, essentially they are a niche product for those who don't have the space for a standard oven.

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