What Does the T-Fal ActiFry Multi-Cooker Do?


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The T-fal ActiFry multi-cooker cooks a variety of foods using hot air and very little oil. T-fal claims the ActiFry is a healthier option than deep frying, and it can prepare up to 2.2 pounds of food.

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The ActiFry is a round, electrically-powered, all-in-one appliance. The food is cooked in a non-stick, ceramic-coated pan. The ActiFry can cook most foods using 2 tablespoons of oil or less. To help distribute the oil and ensure that food cooks evenly, a center-mounted rotating paddle stirs the ingredients during cooking. The pan is covered by a clear plastic lid, allowing users to monitor the cooking process.

The ActiFry is able to cook using so little oil by using pulsed hot-air technology. To cook, food is placed in the non-stick pan, the lid is closed, and a timer is set for up to 99 minutes. Using the single switch, the unit is then powered on. No pre-heating is required. A constant temperature, along with the rotating paddle, ensures that food is cooked evenly and completely.

With so little oil being used and with the lid closed, there is no splatter like there is with deep frying. Cooking is odorless, and the exterior of the unit remains cool. For easy clean up, the pan, lid and rotating paddle are dishwasher safe.

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